Services & Rates


Please call or e-mail for your appointments.  

The focus of my practice is therapeutic and corrective work.  It is impossible to schedule the appropriate length of time without knowing more about you and having an idea of why you're coming to see me - so I don't use online scheduling.

The difference between bodywork therapies and massage is that bodywork therapy affects structural changes in the body through the use of various forms of touch therapies, manipulation, movement and/or neuromuscular re-patterning, while  massage therapies are systems of structured palpation or movement of the soft tissue of the body. 

All of my sessions are customized to best maximize the results you want to achieve, regardless of whether you need stress relief or structural correction.

Relaxation Massage

60 minutes: $95.00
90 minutes: $135.00

A fully customized Swedish massage with some elegant touches thrown in, seal the relaxation with a steamed towel finish.

Swedish massage is the most well known type of massage and for good reason.  A few of the benefits:

  • Pain management. ... 
  • Increased blood flow. ... 
  • Rehabilitation for muscle injuries. ... 
  • Increased flexibility. ... 
  • Reduced stress. ... 
  • Improved immune system.

"Remove physiological stress from the body, and the body does what it was designed to do.  It heals itself." - Dr. Ben Johnson

Therapeutic Massage / Bodyork

30 minutes: $70.00
60 minutes: $125.00
90 minutes: $175.00

Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem—such as a frozen shoulder. People tend to assume therapeutic massage means deep tissue massage, and that they will get a very strong massage. But this is not always the case. Deep tissue massage is great at breaking down scar tissue and getting your blood circulating, but it may not be what you need on a particular day. A good therapist applies the specific techniques and the right amount of pressure to address your needs, and sometimes that’s a lighter touch. 

There are several different types of therapeutic massage in addition to deep tissue massage, such as:

  • neuromuscular massage
  • myofascial massage
  • trigger point therapy
  • sports massage
  • medical massage

I use a combination of techniques depending on what your body needs.

Corrective Bodywork

60 minutes: $150.00
30 minutes: $80.00

Using a combination of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy, and other advanced techniques, these sessions work to correct postural deviations such as torsioned pelvic girdles, restoring leg length, scoliosis, rotation of the torso and/or pelvic girdle, returning hips and shoulders to equal height, improving Dowager's Hump, improving spinal curvatures, etc.  These are outcome based sessions - sessions end when your body has accepted its maximum correction.

Functional / Corrective Exercise

60 minutes: $75.00
30 minutes: $40.00

Stand alone sessions of functional and corrective exercises correct musculoskeletal imbalances often caused by repetitive stress or poor posture.   Learn how the exercises or gym routines you've been committed to may be harming your body - learn to exercise correctly!  When added to a session, an additional $25.00 is charged.

Therapeutic Yoga

60 minutes: $75.00
30 minutes: $40

Private instruction to correct musculoskeletal imbalances.


60 minutes: $250.00

Consults  provide you with the tools to eat better, be healthier, reduce inflammation in the body, or to answer why you hurt and how you got to that point in your life and the steps necessary to improve or reverse your condition.